Four from Planet 5

by Murray Leinster

  • 9781473227132

The strange visitors had landed. Why had they come, and what unknown terror would they bring upon our world?

The radio and television stations of the world carried the short, terrifying statement: The visitors were telepaths. These children from another time, another planet, were about to read human minds. They were utterly invincible.

And they were infinitely dreaded...

In the Pentagon and the Kremlin, leaders were grim with the awareness that all military secrets would be exposed...The overlords of the underworld realized the children could smash their most profitable rackets...And even ordinary citizens shuddered at the prospect of their shabby sins being found out.

So four small children came to be hated by the entire world.

A whole civilization wanted them dead.

  • Orion Publishing Group; June 2019
  • ISBN: 9781473227132
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  • Title: Four from Planet 5
  • Author: Murray Leinster
  • Imprint: Gateway
  • 9781473227132

About The Author

Murray Leinster (1896-1975)
"Murray Leinster" was the pen name of William Fitzgerald Jenkins - an author whose career spanned the first six decades of the 20th Century. From mystery and adventure stories in the earliest years to science fiction in his later years, he worked steadily and at a highly professional level of craftsmanship longer than most writers of his generation. He won a Hugo Award in 1956 for his novella "Exploration Team," and in 1995 the Sidewise Award for Alternate History took its name from his classic story, "Sidewise in Time." His last original work appeared in 1967.

  • 9781473227132