Health Economics

by Mr Jordan Braverman

Series: Pharmacy Business Administration

Health Economics is an introductory discourse of health care in America today designed to acquaint students with a practical analysis of the prominent economic issues. It considers health care in terms of cost, affordability and historical development and assesses contributing factors to the economic health crisis, including medical technology, prescription drugs and hospital care. Addressing the magnitude of the economic crisis, as well as physician and nursing home care and managed care, coverage also includes: home and hospice care; health care planning; private health insurance; medicaid and medicare; health care fraud and abuse; national health insurance. The economics of each field are discussed in detail, with all their socio-economic and political ramifications both within and outside the health care system. This insightful and timely book will be an invaluable resource for students of any health care discipline, practicing health care physicians, economists, sociologists and health care researchers wishing to know more about the current health care crisis in the USA and what mechanisms exist to counter it.

In The Press

"Apocalytpic, ticking time bomb, on the brink and crisis waiting to happen - this is the key take-home message emanating from this informative and interesting overview of the US healthcare system. The stated objective of the book is to provide an introductory analysis to acquaint students with the economic issues confronting US healthcare...This is a solid, well-written and comprehensive book with every chapter authoritative and informative." S. Carroll, Berkshire, UK, Chromatographia, July 2011.