Welfare State, Universalism and Diversity

by Anneli Anttonen, Liisa Haikio, Stefansson Kolbeinn

Welfare State, Universalism and Diversity is a thought-provoking book dealing with key ideas, values and principles of social policies and asking what exactly is meant by universal benefits and policies? Is the time of post-war universalism over? Are universalism and diversity contradictory policy and theory framings? Well-known scholars from different countries and fields of expertise provide a historically informative and comprehensive view on the making of universal social policies. Universalism is defined and implemented differently in the British and Scandinavian social policies. Service universalism is different from universalism in pensions. The book underlines the multiple and transformative nature of universalism and the challenge of diversity. There certainly is need for a greater diversity in meeting citizen's needs. Yet, universalism remains a principle essential for planning and implementing sustainable and legitimate policies in times characterized by complex interdependences and contradictory political aims. This impressive book is an attempt to untangle the multiple meanings of universalism and clarify the concept's relevance to contemporary policy debates.It will prove invaluable for students, researchers and practitioners in social policy, public policy, social administration, social welfare, social history, social work, sociology and political sciences. Policymakers and administrators involved with social and public policies, social services, social welfare, and social work will also find this book groundbreaking.

  • Edward Elgar Publishing; July 2012
  • ISBN: 9781849805940
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  • Title: Welfare State, Universalism and Diversity
  • Author: Anneli Anttonen (ed.); Liisa Haikio (ed.); Stefansson Kolbeinn (ed.)
  • Imprint: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd