To End a Presidency

The Power of Impeachment

by Laurence Tribe, Joshua Matz

As Congress begins an impeachment inquiry against President Trump, read the definitive book on presidential impeachment and how it should be used today.

Impeachment is our ultimate constitutional check against an out-of-control executive. But it is also a perilous and traumatic undertaking for the nation. In this authoritative examination, Laurence Tribe and Joshua Matz rise above the daily clamor to illuminate impeachment's proper role in our age of broken politics.

To End a Presidency is an essential book for anyone seeking to understand how this fearsome power should be deployed.

  • Basic Books; May 2018
  • ISBN: 9781541644878
  • Read online, or download in secure ePub format
  • Title: To End a Presidency
  • Author: Laurence Tribe; Joshua Matz
  • Imprint: Basic Books

In The Press

"Impeachment is a fearsome power. This bracing, restrained, and fiercely judicious account of the process's origins and purpose explains why no U.S. president has ever been removed from office by impeachment, and what it might mean if one were."—Jill Lepore, author of the forthcoming These Truths: A History of the United States

About The Author

Laurence Tribe is the Carl M. Loeb University Professor and a professor of constitutional law at Harvard. One of America's foremost constitutional scholars, he is the coauthor of Uncertain Justice (with Joshua Matz) and numerous other books and articles. He lives in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Joshua Matz, a graduate of Harvard Law School and a constitutional lawyer, is the publisher of Take Care, which provides legal analysis of the Trump presidency. He lives in Washington, DC.