Progressing Students' Language Day by Day

by Alison L. Bailey, Margaret Heritage

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Because content and language learning go hand in hand

New content standards integrate content and language in ways prior standards have never done. That’s why it’s so critically important that teachers attend to both content and language development when introducing new subject matter, especially for English learners. Here’s your opportunity to get started tomorrow and every day thereafter: Alison Bailey and Margaret Heritage’s all-new Progressing Students’ Language Day by Day.

What’s so utterly ground-breaking about this book is Bailey and Heritage’s Dynamic Language Learning Progression (DLLP) process: research-based tools for obtaining much deeper insight into a student’s language progress, then for identifying the most appropriate instructional steps to elevate language proficiency and content knowledge. Step by step, Bailey and Heritage describe how to

  • Engage with students to advance their development of sophisticated, high-leverage language features for explaining content 
  • Use the DLLP approach to formative assessment, then plan  your teaching in response to assessment evidence
  • Examine words, sentences, and discourse --the three dimensions of language that are part of the DLLP process for cultivating language development
  • Discover how leadership support and communities of practice (CoPs) can facilitate a successful and sustainable implementation of the DLLP process

Listen more closely and uncover new ways to advance content learning with Progressing Students’ Language Day by Day directly by your side.

“Alison Bailey and Margaret Heritage open our eyes to the often invisible and context-specific language demands embedded in content learning. Understanding the ubiq¬uitous and highly influential role of language in learning takes time and effort but leads to transformative practice. Progressing Students’ Language Learning Day by Day offers an insightful and concrete framework to begin this transformation.”

— Paola Uccelli, Professor of Education, 
Harvard University

  • SAGE Publications; July 2018
  • ISBN: 9781506358864
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  • Title: Progressing Students' Language Day by Day
  • Author: Alison L. Bailey; Margaret Heritage
  • Imprint: Corwin
Subject categories
  • 9781506358833
  • 9781506358864
  • 9781506358840

In The Press

"I’ve worked with ‘mainstream’ content area teachers in my role as a program developer and school change coach for many years, focused on building their skill in working with the English Learners in their classrooms. In the past I’ve relied heavily on promoting the sheltered instruction practices (i.e. SIOP) that we know help make content accessible for students who are learning language. But until the DLLP appeared, we’ve never had a tool that allows mainstream teachers to understand where their students are in terms of their English language development.

"I see the need most immediately when teachers tell me standards-based assessments don’t reflect what they know their students know. What they are really saying is their students lack the language skills to provide rigorous, academic explanations of their knowledge. As a former science teacher, I could not be satisfied with watching a student engage in a lab activity. They also needed the scientific language skills to explain what they had done and what their results were. Guessing that they understood the concepts while failing to nourish and build their scientific language skills meant I was only doing half my job.

"The DLLP provides the tools to dig in and understand where students are in terms of their specific language development, and gives insight to every teacher on how to support and build those skills. The progressions are clear and intuitive, you don’t need to be a linguistics expert to work with them. In my role as a program developer the DLLP has been a game changer, giving ME a language and a skill I can support and nurture in all the teachers I work with."