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Forensic Archaeology: Advances in Theory and Practice

Forensic Archaeology

Advances in Theory and Practice

Taylor and Francis (2005)

This updated edition of a textbook universally hailed as an indispensable guide, is a complete...

Historical Archaeology: Back from the Edge

Historical Archaeology

Back from the Edge

Taylor and Francis (1998)

Historical Archaeology demonstrates the potential of adopting a flexible, encompassing definition...

Doing Archaeology: A Cultural Resource Management Perspective

Doing Archaeology

A Cultural Resource Management Perspective

Taylor and Francis (2016)

What is archaeology, and why should we do it? Tom King, arguably the best-known heritage management...

Archaeology Matters: Action Archaeology in the Modern World

Archaeology Matters

Action Archaeology in the Modern World

Taylor and Francis (2016)

Archaeology is perceived to study the people of long ago and far away. How could archaeology matter...

Industrial Archaeology: Principles and Practice

Industrial Archaeology

Principles and Practice

Taylor and Francis (1998)

Industrial Archaeology uses the techniques of mainstream archaeological excavation, analysis and...

Taylor and Francis (2001)

Theatre/Archaeology is a provocative challenge to disciplinary practice and intellectual...

Assembling Archaeology: Teaching, Practice, and Research

Assembling Archaeology

Teaching, Practice, and Research

OUP Oxford (2020)

This book provides a radical rethinking of the relationship between teaching, researching, and...

Biblical Archaeology
Zondervan Academic (2010)

This is a series of brief reference books for laypeople designed to be read in units of one or two...

Palaeoindian Archaeology: A Hemispheric Perspective
UPF (2007)

Explores similarities and differences among the early sites and assemblages in North, Central, and...

Bureaucratic Archaeology

State, Science, and Past in Postcolonial India

Cambridge University Press (2021)

An ethnography of archaeological practice in postcolonial India that reveals the bureaucratic...