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Global Hydrology: Processes, Resources and Environmental Management

Global Hydrology

Processes, Resources and Environmental Management


Global Hydrology illustrates in detail the growing importance of understanding hydrological...

Game Theory: Mathematical Models of Conflict

Game Theory

Mathematical Models of Conflict


Written engagingly and with agreeable humour, this book balances a light touch with a rigorous yet...

Human Ecology and the Development of Settlements
Springer US (2012)

This book is the result of aseries of lectures organised by the Connnonwealth Human Ecology Council...

Blake on Language, Power, and Self-Annihilation

Against a historical backdrop that includes eighteenth-century language theory, children's...

Third Place, The: A Viennese Historical Mystery

Third Place, The

A Viennese Historical Mystery


March, 1902. When Herr Karl, head waiter of the Café Burg, is found dead, private enquiries agent...

What We Love
J. A. Jones (2014)

What We Love is a multi-part a love story that traces eight years in the lives of Jacob and Kate....

Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations
Wiley (2007)

Now in its fifth edition, Professional Management of Housekeeping Operations is the essential...

Water Sustainability: A Global Perspective

Water Sustainability

A Global Perspective


Using the latest mapping techniques, J.A.A. Jones, Chair of the IGU Commission for Water...

United Methodist Doctrine: The Extreme Center

"Throughout this ebook, Scott J. Jones insists that for United Methodists the ultimate goal of...

Creative Accounting, Fraud and International Accounting Scandals
Wiley (2011)

Business scandals are always with us from the South Sea Bubble to Enron and Parmalat.  As accounting...