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Biology and Criminology: The Biosocial Synthesis

Biology and Criminology

The Biosocial Synthesis


Numerous criminologists have noted their dissatisfaction with the state of criminology. The need for...

Social Class and Crime: A Biosocial Approach

Social Class and Crime

A Biosocial Approach


Social class has been at the forefront of sociological theories of crime from their inception. It is...

Criminological Theory: Assessing Philosophical Assumptions

Criminological Theory

Assessing Philosophical Assumptions


Criminologists can benefit from questioning the underlying assumptions upon which they rest their...

Love: The Biology Behind the Heart


The Biology Behind the Heart


Love is a little word with a universe of meanings and has engaged people's interest throughout human...

Science Wars: Politics, Gender, and Race

Science Wars

Politics, Gender, and Race


Few issues cause academics to disagree more than gender and race, especially when topics are...

Biosociology: Bridging the Biology-Sociology Divide


Bridging the Biology-Sociology Divide


Anthony Walsh bridges the divide separating sociology from biology—a divide created in the late...

Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory: A Metatheory for Biosocial Criminology

Reinforcement Sensitivity Theory

A Metatheory for Biosocial Criminology


Some of the brightest minds in criminology who were nurtured on the strictly environmentalist...

Criminology: The Essentials

Criminology (3rd ed.)

The Essentials


Criminology: The Essentials, Third Edition, by Anthony Walsh and Cody Jorgensen, introduces...

Biosocial Criminology: New Directions in Theory and Research

Biosocial Criminology

New Directions in Theory and Research


Ideal for use, either as a second text in a standard criminology course, or for a discrete course on...

The Neurobiology of Criminal Behavior: Gene-Brain-Culture Interaction

The main feature of this work is that it explores criminal behavior from all aspects of Tinbergen's...