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When Your Child Breaks Your Heart: Help for Hurting Moms

Beloved author Barbara Johnson offers hope to families facing difficulty coming to terms with a...

Leaking Laffs Between Pampers and Depends
Thomas Nelson (2000)

Leaking Laffs Between Pampers and Depends is a heart-warming ride over the waves of humor in God's...

The Tasty Taffy Tale and Super-Stretching the Truth: A Book About Honesty
Thomas Nelson (1999)

When Michael stretches the truth about how he won the taffy-making contest, the Geranium Lady helps...

The Pepperoni Parade and the Power of Prayer: A Book About Prayer
Thomas Nelson (1999)

When Sarah becomes lost at a large parade, she and her friends learn the importance of praying for...

Moses and Multiculturalism

Countering impressions of Moses reinforced by Sigmund Freud in his epoch-making Moses and...

Daily Splashes of Joy: 365 Gems to Sparkle Your Day

Daily Splashes of Joy

365 Gems to Sparkle Your Day

Thomas Nelson (2005)

In these pages you'll find a daily dollop of Barbara Johnson's favorite jokes, heartwarming stories,...

God's Most Precious Jewels are Crystallized Tears
Thomas Nelson (2001)

Barbara Johnson brings together twelve courageous women who have triumphed over challenges and...

Humor Me
Thomas Nelson (2009)

This little book is a big gift for anyone who loves to laugh?orneeds to laugh. If you've hit a...

I'm So Glad You Told Me What I Didn't Wanna Hear
Thomas Nelson (1996)

Bad news about your children carries a triple whammy of pain, worry, and 'where did we go wrong!'...

Stick a Geranium in Your Hat and Be Happy
Thomas Nelson (2004)

With the wit of an Erma Bombeck, Barbara Johnson helps you to look for 'life's little sparkles,'...