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Australian Heartlands: Making space for hope in the suburbs

Australian Heartlands

Making space for hope in the suburbs

Allen & Unwin (2006)

The inaugural winner of The Iremonger Award for Writing on Public Issues, this is a provocative...

Geographies of Disability

This book explains how space, place and mobility have shaped the experiences of disabled people both...

The Urban Condition

This book will speak to the new human epoch, the Urban Age. A majority of humanity now lives for the...

Lifeboat Cities: Making a New World

Lifeboat Cities

Making a New World

Hopeful and provocative, this account considers the principle social and ecological threats facing...

Australian Urban Planning: New Challenges, New Agendas
Allen & Unwin (2000)

Designed for use by academics, students, planning professionals and anyone who takes an interest in...

Govering for the Environment: Global Problems, Ethics and Democracy

Govering for the Environment

Global Problems, Ethics and Democracy


Governing for the Environment explores one of the dimensions of the value-knowledge system needed...

Justice, Society and Nature: An Exploration of Political Ecology

Justice, Society and Nature

An Exploration of Political Ecology


Justice, Society and Nature examines the moral response which the world must make to the ecological...

Creating Child Friendly Cities: New Perspectives and Prospects

Creating Child Friendly Cities

New Perspectives and Prospects


First Published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Making Urban Transport Sustainable

Making Urban Transport Sustainable addresses the future of urban transport as a global issue. ...

Degrowth in the Suburbs: A Radical Urban Imaginary

This book addresses a central dilemma of the urban age: how to make the vast suburban landscapes...