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The Mannerheim Line 1920–39: Finnish Fortifications of the Winter War

The Mannerheim Line 1920–39

Finnish Fortifications of the Winter War


In the wake of the bloody civil war that followed Finland's independence from Russia in 1917, the...

The German Fortress of Metz 1870–1944

Following the defeat of France in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870–71, the German Army began to...

The Forts of New France in Northeast America 1600–1763

'New France' consisted of the area colonized and ruled by France in North America. This title takes...

The Castles of Henry VIII

In the last years of his reign Henry VIII needed a radically modern system of defence to protect...

The Fortifications of Verdun 1874–1917

The ring of fortifications protecting the city of Verdun on the Meuse River would become critical in...

The Fortress of Rhodes 1309–1522

First besieged in 305 BC, the island of Rhodes became part of the Roman Empire and was later...

British Artillery 1914–19: Field Army Artillery

In 1914 the artillery of Britain's 'Field Army' encompassed those weapons judged to have sufficient...

British Artillery 1914–19: Heavy Artillery

World War I is often deemed to have been 'a war of artillery', and British heavy artillery played a...

The Centurion Tank
Pen and Sword (2013)

Few tank designs have been as effective, versatile and long-lived as that of the British Centurion....

US Field Artillery of World War II

Determined to learn from the lessons of World War I, the US Army developed a new generation of field...