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Hitler’s Armies: A history of the German War Machine 1939–45

Hitler’s Armies

A history of the German War Machine 1939–45


The definitive work on Hitler's war machine charting its evolution from the formidable force which...

St Christopher School: A Short History

In 1915 a new school opened in Letchworth. Based upon Theosophic values, it offered a very...

The Improbable Victory: The Campaigns, Battles and Soldiers of the American Revolution, 1775–83: In Association with The American Revolution Museum at Yorktown

The American Revolution reshaped the political map of the world, and led to the birth of the United...

Passchendaele 1917
Dundurn (2016)

The story of one of history’s bloodiest and most futile battles, Passchendaele, is expertly related...

Battle Story: Verdun 1916

The tale of one of the bloodiest engagements of World War IThe Battle of Verdun resulted in 698,000...

Manual for British Men: 120 Manly Skills from British History

Manual for British Men

120 Manly Skills from British History


This book contains everything the well-bred British man needs to know. The contents include...

Battle Story: Cambrai 1917

Everything there is to know about this battle, legendary for its experimental use of artillery,...

Passchendaele 1917

The inside story of a battle that has come to epitomize the mud and blood of World War I—includes...

Book of the Poppy

The Remembrance Poppy is a haunting reminder of the ultimate cost of war. Worn by millions around...

The World War I Aviator’s Pocket Manual
Casemate (2018)

Aviation was still in its infancy when World War I broke out. The first men to take to the skies...