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POW Escape And Evasion: Essential Military Skills To Avoid Being Caught By the Enemy

POW Escape And Evasion

Essential Military Skills To Avoid Being Caught By the Enemy


POW Escape and Evasion covers everything you need to know about making a successful return to...

Glock: The World's Handgun


The World's Handgun


The Glock series of handguns represents one of the greatest steps forward in pistol design since the...

The World's Greatest Small Arms: An Illustrated History

Small arms have developed hugely since the introduction of the machine gun in the 1870s....

The Merchant Navy Seaman Pocket Manual 1939-1945
Casemate UK (2018)

"He is usually dressed rather like a tramp. His sweater is worn, his trousers frayed, while...

Riot Control Vehicles: 1945–Present

Fully illustrated with a mixture of dramatic archive photos and manufacturers' images, this volume...

German Soldier vs Soviet Soldier: Stalingrad 1942–43

By the end of the first week of November 1942, the German Sixth Army held about 90 per cent of...

Greek Hoplite vs Persian Warrior: 499–479 BC

The Greco-Persian Wars (499–449 BCE) convulsed Greece, Asia Minor and the Near East for half a...

Political Violence and the Construction of National Identity in Latin America

This topical volume seeks to analyze the intimate but under-studied relationship between the...