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Environmental Valuation in Developed Countries: Case Studies

The first volume "Valuing the Environment in Developing Countries" illustrates methodologies and...

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Water Resources Management

How are the economic values of water accounted for in policy and project appraisal? This important...

The Turning Point in Africa: British Colonial Policy 1938-48

The Turning Point in Africa

British Colonial Policy 1938-48


This is a study of British colonial policy towards tropical Africa during a critical decade, from...

China and the Multinationals: International Business and the Entry of China into the Global Economy

China and the Multinationals

International Business and the Entry of China into the Global Economy


This original and important book explores how the interaction between China and multinational...

Can a Virus Cause Schizophrenia?: Facts and Hypotheses
Springer US (2012)

The purpose ofthis book isto provide acritical appraisal oftheconcept thatschizophreniacan becaused...

Globalizing Research and Development

The book uses interview and survey information from 300 of the world's leading industrial...

Mixed Method Data Collection Strategies

This book, first published in 2006, draws on a broad range of social data collection methods to...


Proceedings of the Eighth European Starting AI Researcher Symposium

IOS Press (2016)

As a vibrant area of computer science which continues to develop rapidly, AI is a field in which...

Theatre History Studies 2018, Vol. 37

Theatre History Studies (THS) is a peer-reviewed journal of theatre history and scholarship...

Waste Treatment and Disposal

This book examines the environmental impact of sewage and industrial effluent treatment on inland...