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The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language

A fully updated third edition that provides comprehensive coverage of the history, structure and...

English as a Global Language

Crystal presents an account of the rise and status of English as a global language.

Language Death

A thorough review of the worldwide problem of language endangerment and death.

English as a Global Language

Written in a detailed and fascinating manner, this book is ideal for general readers interested in...

Language and the Internet

The first popular examination of language on the Internet by a leading authority.

Language and the Internet

A revealing insight into the language of the Internet, looking at e-mail, chat, the Web, instant...

Think On My Words: Exploring Shakespeare's Language

Think On My Words

Exploring Shakespeare's Language


A lively introduction to Shakespeare's language, creating a greater appreciation of his linguistic...

The English Language: A Guided Tour of the Language

The English Language

A Guided Tour of the Language


This is the definitive survey of the English language - in all its forms. Crystal writes accessibly...

Pronouncing Shakespeare: The Globe Experiment

Pronouncing Shakespeare

The Globe Experiment


The story behind the production of Romeo and Juliet at Shakespeare's Globe in original,...

Txtng: The Gr8 Db8
OUP Oxford (2008)

Does txtng spell the end of literacy? David Crystal looks at the evidence, investigating how txtng...