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Critical Essays on Major Curriculum Theorists

This book is a critical appreciation of the work of sixteen leading curriculum theorists, taking...

Professional Doctorates: Integrating Academic and Professional Knowledge

Professional Doctorates

Integrating Academic and Professional Knowledge


Considers the varying nature of the professional doctorate, as well as its history, development, and...

Curriculum and Assessment

An examination of the relationship between curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. It adopts a...

The Art and Aesthetics of Boxing

What separates the chaos of fighting from the coherent ritual of boxing? According to author David...

Why Prison?

This book brings together some of the world's leading writers to engage with the most profound...

Realism and Educational Research: New Perspectives and Possibilities

Realism and Educational Research

New Perspectives and Possibilities


Although the literature of social research covers a vast range of material, there has been little on...

Reading Educational Research and Policy

Reading Educational Research and Policy will improve the ability of teachers to deconstruct policy,...

China Stands Up: The PRC and the International System

China Stands Up

The PRC and the International System


In 1949 Mao Zedong made the historic proclamation that "the Chinese people have stood up". This...

Handbook of India's International Relations

This Handbook gives an overview of India’s international relations, given the development of India...

Education, Epistemology and Critical Realism

This book addresses fundamental questions in relation to education and its epistemology. The...