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A Girl's Best Friend
HarperCollins (2011)

Dogs Are Better Than Men They never brag about their ex's stunning cleavage. They don't moan or...

Making Mischief
HarperCollins (2009)

Abby Morland's been making mischief since she was not-so-sweet sixteen, when she spied gorgeous Guy...

Black Frankenstein: The Making of an American Metaphor

Black Frankenstein

The Making of an American Metaphor

NYU Press (2008)

For all the scholarship devoted to Mary Shelley's English novel Frankenstein , there has been...

Dozens and Dozens of Cousins and Cousins

A young boy, Peter, and his pilot friend fly a homemade balloon to Canada to pick up Peters '...

Sex Differences in the Brain: From Genes to Behavior

Sex Differences in the Brain

From Genes to Behavior


Within the basic and clinical biomedical research community, there is increasing recognition that...

The Future of Prejudice: Psychoanalysis and the Prevention of Prejudice

The Future of Prejudice

Psychoanalysis and the Prevention of Prejudice

Afaf Mahfouz, Stuart Twemlow and 20 more...

Established psychoanalytic/psychodynamic researchers and theorists bring the exploration of...