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Being Human: The Problem of Agency

Being Human

The Problem of Agency


A revindication of the concept of humanity and the primacy of practice over language.

Realist Social Theory: The Morphogenetic Approach

Realist Social Theory

The Morphogenetic Approach


This 1995 book is an important work of social theory and a challenge to Anthony Giddens'...

The Reflexive Imperative in Late Modernity

What do young people want from life? This book shows how the 'internal conversation' guides...

Culture and Agency: The Place of Culture in Social Theory

Culture and Agency (2nd ed.)

The Place of Culture in Social Theory


Revised edition of 1988 book, highly influential in debates about role of culture in social theory.

Making our Way through the World: Human Reflexivity and Social Mobility

Making our Way through the World

Human Reflexivity and Social Mobility


This book examines 'internal conversations' and their influence on how people make their way through...

Conversations About Reflexivity

" Reflexivity" is defined as the regular exercise of the mental ability, shared by all normal...

Social Origins of Educational Systems

First published in 1979, this now classic text presents a major study of the development of...

Social Morphogenesis

This book explores the generative mechanism behind today's rapid social change, and how this differs...

Late Modernity: Trajectories towards Morphogenic Society

Late Modernity

Trajectories towards Morphogenic Society

This volume examines the reasons for intensified social change after 1980; a peaceful process of a...

Generative Mechanisms Transforming the Social Order

This volume examines how generative mechanisms emerge in the social order and their consequences. It...