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What's Great about Minnesota?

What's so great about Minnesota? Find out the top ten sites to see or things to do in the North Star...

Bruno Mars: Pop Singer and Producer

Bruno Mars

Pop Singer and Producer


You may know that Bruno Mars is an unbelievably talented pop singer and producer. But did you know...

Katy Perry: From Gospel Singer to Pop Star

Katy Perry

From Gospel Singer to Pop Star


You may know that Katy Perry is a shining star of pop who has soared to number one on the charts...

Jennifer Lawrence: The Hunger Games' Girl on Fire

Jennifer Lawrence

The Hunger Games' Girl on Fire


You may know that Jennifer Lawrence stars as courageous Katniss Everdeen in The Hunger Games films....

Fun Food Inventions

Do you know what happened when a kid forgot his glass of soda with a stir stick in it outside on a...

Experiment with Pollination

A plant can form fruit and seeds when it is pollinated. Animals and wind help spread pollen from one...

Experiment with Parts of a Plant

Plants have roots, stems, leaves, and sometimes flowers. Each part of a plant does a special job....

Brilliant Beauty Inventions

Can you believe that the paint used on cars inspired the invention of nail polish in the 1920s? Or...

Experiment with Photosynthesis

Sunlight helps a plant make its own food using photosynthesis. But do you know what happens to a...

Experiment with What a Plant Needs to Grow

Sunlight, air, water, and minerals help keep plants alive. But do you know how much water is needed...