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Mathematics Without Boundaries: Surveys in Pure Mathematics

The contributions in this volume have been written by eminent scientists from the international...

Equilibrium Problems: Nonsmooth Optimization and Variational Inequality Models
Springer US (2006)

The aim of the book is to cover the three fundamental aspects of research in equilibrium problems:...

Handbook of Combinatorial Optimization: Supplement Volume B
Springer US (2006)

Combinatorial (or discrete) optimization is one of the most active fields in the interface of...

Handbook of Optimization in Medicine
Springer US (2009)

Devoted to examining the dramatic increase in the application of optimization techniques to...

Handbook of Financial Engineering
Springer US (2010)

This comprehensive edited volume discusses the most recent advances within the field of financial...

Financial Decision Making Using Computational Intelligence
Springer US (2012)

The increasing complexity of financial problems and the enormous volume of financial data often make...

Software Engineering Techniques Applied to Agricultural Systems: An Object-Oriented and UML Approach
Springer US (2014)

Software Engineering Techniques Applied to Agricultural Systems  presents cutting-edge software...

Future City Architecture for Optimal Living

This book offers a wealth of interdisciplinary approaches to urbanization strategies in architecture...

Essays in Mathematics and its Applications: In Honor of Vladimir Arnold

This volume, dedicated to the eminent mathematician Vladimir Arnold, presents a collection of...

Contributions in Mathematics and Engineering: In Honor of Constantin Carathéodory

The contributions in this volume aim to deepenunderstanding of some of the current...