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School Improvement after Inspection?: School and LEA Responses

School inspection under OFSTED continues to generate discussion and controversy. This book is a...

Headship and beyond: The motivation and development of school leaders

Headship and beyond

The motivation and development of school leaders

In this lecture Peter Earley examines the stages of headship and discusses the development...

Leading & Managing Continuing Professional Development: Developing People, Developing Schools

Leading & Managing Continuing Professional Development (2nd ed.)

Developing People, Developing Schools


Praise for the first edition: 'Peter Earley and Sara Bubb bring together, in a very accessible...

Managing Teacher Workload: Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing

Managing Teacher Workload

Work-Life Balance and Wellbeing


By showing teachers what they can do to assess, manage and reduce the time they spend on school work...

Helping Staff Develop in Schools

This book offers tried and tested strategies for successful and rewarding staff development that,...

Improving Schools and Governing Bodies: Making a Difference

This book provides school governors with a blueprint for working effectively and enthusiastically to...

Understanding School Leadership

By giving a detailed picture of the rapidly developing field of educational leadership, this book...

Accelerated Leadership Development: Fast tracking school leaders

Accelerated Leadership Development captures and communicates the lessons learnt from successful...

OFSTED Inspections: The Early Experience

OFSTED Inspections

The Early Experience

Janet Ouston, Peter Earley and 1 more...

The national programme of four-yearly school inspections was introduced in 1993, based on common...

Improvement Through Inspection?: Complementary Approaches to School Development

Improvement Through Inspection?

Complementary Approaches to School Development

Peter Earley, Brian Fidler and 1 more...

Originally published in 1996, the title of this book poses the question whether the motto of the...