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Gallipoli 1915: Frontal Assault on Turkey

Gallipoli 1915

Frontal Assault on Turkey


The Gallipoli expedition of 1915, the brainchild of Winston Churchill, was designed to knock the...

Redcoats: The British Soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars


The British Soldiers of the Napoleonic Wars

Pen and Sword (2012)

What was a British soldier’s life like during the Napoleonic Wars? How was he recruited and...

The Waterloo Armies: Men, Organization and Tactics

The Waterloo Armies

Men, Organization and Tactics

Pen and Sword (2007)

Waterloo is one of the most famous battles in history and it has given rise to a vast and varied...

Picton’s Division at Waterloo
Pen and Sword (2016)

In the two hundred years since the Battle of Waterloo countless studies examining almost every...

Borodino 1812: Napoleon’s great gamble

The battle of Borodino was one of the greatest encounters in European history, and one of the...

Napoleonic Light Cavalry Tactics

During the Napoleonic Wars all the major combatants fielded large numbers of light cavalry. These...

Corunna 1809: Sir John Moore’s Fighting Retreat

Corunna 1809

Sir John Moore’s Fighting Retreat


The retreat to Corunna is one of the epic campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars. Late in 1808 Sir John...

British Napoleonic Infantry Tactics 1792–1815

The British Army that faced Napoleon in the Peninsula was small by continental standards, but it...

Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry & Dragoon Tactics

During the Napoleonic Wars the supreme battlefield shock weapon was the heavy cavalry – the French...

Nelson's Navy

Despite the many celebrated victories of the British Army during the Napoleonic Wars, the role of...