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Wiley (2013)

At a time when many public commentators are turning against multiculturalism in response to fears...

Still Not Easy Being British: Struggles for a Multicultural Citizenship

Still Not Easy Being British

Struggles for a Multicultural Citizenship

The late 1980s and early 1990s saw dramatic shifts in race relations in Britain. This book is for...

Global Migration, Ethnicity and Britishness

Exploring some of the most topical issues around migration and integration in relation to Britain,...

Tolerance, Intolerance and Respect: Hard to Accept?

Across European societies, pluralism is experienced innew and challenging ways. Our understanding of...

Construction of Minority Identities in France and Britain

In France the idea that a person can be both a French citizen and have an ethnic or religious...

Ethnicity, Nationalism, and Minority Rights

Addresses the position of minorities in democratic societies, with a particular focus on minority...

Multiculturalism, Muslims and Citizenship: A European Approach

This informative collection investigates the European dimension of multiculturalism and immigration....

Debating Cultural Hybridity: Multicultural Identities and the Politics of Anti-Racism

Debating Cultural Hybridity (2nd ed.)

Multicultural Identities and the Politics of Anti-Racism

Zed Books (2015)

A classic collection on the fluid nature of culture and identity from some of the world's greatest...

Ethnicity, Social Mobility, and Public Policy: Comparing the USA and UK

The first book to provide a comparative analysis of social mobility in the US and the UK.

Religion in a Liberal State

Leading authors in politics, law, sociology and theology discuss what the proper place of religion...