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Advanced Introduction to Public Policy
Edward Elgar Publishing (2015)

Making effective public policies is a difficult task, but considering policymaking as a problem of...

Determann’s Field Guide to Data Privacy Law: International Corporate Compliance

Determann’s Field Guide to Data Privacy Law (3rd ed.)

International Corporate Compliance

Edward Elgar Publishing (2017)

Companies, lawyers, privacy officers and marketing and IT professionals are increasingly facing...

Older Workers in an Ageing Society: Critical Topics in Research and Policy

Older Workers in an Ageing Society

Critical Topics in Research and Policy

Edward Elgar Publishing (2013)

This insightful study provides an overview of the changing employment context in industrialised...

Advanced Introduction to Globalisation
Edward Elgar Publishing (2017)

Globalisation impacts almost all aspects of our lives. Smart-phones give access to news, documents...

Transport Economics
Edward Elgar Publishing (2010)

Applies economic analysis to transport issues. This work examines in general terms the many aspects...

Collaborative Strategic Improvement through Network Action Learning: The Path to Sustainability
Edward Elgar Publishing (2011)

Improvement is fundamental to the competitiveness of networks and requires the participating firms...

Post-Keynesian Economics: New Foundations
Edward Elgar Publishing (2014)

The book is a considerably extended and fully revamped edition of the highly successful and...

Handbook on International Sports Law
Edward Elgar Publishing (2011)

This Handbook presents a comprehensive collection of essays by leading scholars and practitioners in...

Handbook of Space Law
Edward Elgar Publishing (2015)

Handbook of Space Law addresses the legal and regulatory aspects of activities in outer space and...

Robot Law
Edward Elgar Publishing (2016)

Robot Law brings together exemplary research on robotics law and policy - an area of scholarly...