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Ghost Story

One rainy day young John and cousin Harry play catch in the lovely lounge of a beach hotel. A...

There's a Beetle in my Bed

What’s a beetle doing in a boy’s bed right when he is is going to sleep and how will he ever get...

The Water Cycle

Follow the water droplets in their journey from the clouds to the earth and back to the clouds...

A Beautiful Day

Bobby and Vicki are twinlings in a lovely ‘down under’ woodland setting. It is important that...

A Blessed Bethlehem Birth

Husband and wife mice with their animal friends obey the Holy Spirit to prepare the Bethlehem stable...

A Brainy Refrain

Just think of everything the brain and nervous system do for us. This book will help you learn about...

A Duck at the Dog Pound

Wiggles the Duck desperately wanted to be a dog so she could take walks with the family, but when...

A Gift for Roo

A seven-year-old girl, living with her father, tries to cope with the loss of her mother and her...

A Horse of Course

What child doesn’t wish for a horse of his own? Aaron certainly does! When his wish comes true Aaron...

A Midsummers Dance

Imagine, if you will, the aerial dance of fireflies taking flight on a midsummer’s eve, accompanied...