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Anatomy for the Generic Surgical Sciences Examination (GSSE)

This book is designed for Generic Surgical Sciences Examination (GSSE). This collection of questions...

Understanding Education: History, Politics and Practice

This short book provides an introduction to the study of education, outlining the dual purpose of...

Internet of Things and Personalized Healthcare Systems

This book highlights the issues and challenges in personalised healthcare systems. The individual...

Workforce Development: Strategies and Practices

Workforce Development

Strategies and Practices


This book is the second in a series of two volumes that reviews a broad range of strategies and...

Graphics-sequenced interpretation of ECG

This book is intended for medical students unfamiliar with electrocardiograms (ECG); anyone just...

Clinical Anatomy of the Face for Filler and Botulinum Toxin Injection

This book, containing more than 200 cadaveric photos and 200 illustrations, aims to familiarize...

Pedagogies to Enhance Learning for Indigenous Students: Evidence-based Practice

This book offers a comprehensive account of literacy and numeracy of aboriginal education in...

Optical Precursors: From Classical Waves to Single Photons

Optical Precursors

From Classical Waves to Single Photons

Jiefei Chen, Heejeong Jeong and 2 more...

Ever since Einstein’s special relativity in 1905, the principle of invariant light speed in vacuum...

University Rankings: Implications for Higher Education in Taiwan

University Rankings

Implications for Higher Education in Taiwan


The first study to assess the impact of higher education rankings on Taiwanese universities, this...

Plug In Electric Vehicles in Smart Grids: Integration Techniques

This book focuses on the state of the art in worldwide research on applying optimization approaches...