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Attachment Across the Lifecourse: A Brief Introduction
Macmillan Education UK (2011)

This succinct and highly readable book from one of Palgrave’s best-selling authors offers the...

A History of English Literature
Macmillan Education UK (2017)

This comprehensive text traces the development of one of the world’s richest literatures from the...

Essential Operations Management
Macmillan Education UK (2017)

A concise and practical introduction to OM examining tasks and challenges faced by operations...

Public Management and Administration
Macmillan Education UK (2017)

The nature and management of the public sector has changed dramatically since a more flexible,...

Child-Centred Social Work: Theory and Practice
Macmillan Education UK (2018)

With an emphasis on professional expectations, values and practice skills such as building trust,...

Referencing and Understanding Plagiarism
Macmillan Education UK (2017)

This concise and user-friendly guide explains why referencing is an essential part of good writing...

Mindfulness for Students
Macmillan Education UK (2018)

Using a unique combination of mindfulness-based techniques and study skills, this book shows...

The Lean PhD: Radically Improve the Efficiency, Quality and Impact of Your Research

The Lean PhD

Radically Improve the Efficiency, Quality and Impact of Your Research

Macmillan Education UK (2018)

This book fundamentally challenges the way in which PhDs are currently pursued. It applies lean...

A Short History of the British Industrial Revolution
Macmillan Education UK (2018)

The industrial revolution stands out as a key event not simply in British history, but in world...

Writing for Nursing and Midwifery Students
Macmillan Education UK (2018)

Combining a theoretical approach with practical activities, this book is invaluable for nursing and...