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The Explanation of Crime: Context, Mechanisms and Development

An analysis of the roles of behavioural contexts and individual differences in crime causation.

Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies For Dummies
Wiley (2008)

Entering the world of conspiracy theories and secret societies is like stepping into a distant,...

Psychological Criminology: An Integrative Approach

Psychological Criminology

An Integrative Approach


Psychological Criminology addresses the question: what is it about individuals and their...

Everything In Its Path

The 1977 Sorokin Award–winning story of Buffalo Creek in the aftermath of a devastating flood. On...

A Book of Remarkable Criminals

Are you fascinated by the nefarious figures in history who have opted to walk a darker path in life?...

Criminological Research: Understanding Qualitative Methods

Criminological Research

Understanding Qualitative Methods


Criminological Research offers a comprehensive guide to both the theory and practice of qualitative...

Seeking Higher Ground: The Hurricane Katrina Crisis, Race, and Public Policy Reader

Seeking Higher Ground

The Hurricane Katrina Crisis, Race, and Public Policy Reader


In this powerful reader, scholars and writers examine the racial impact of the Hurricane Katrina...

The Globalisation of Crime: Understanding Transitional Relationships in Context

The Globalisation of Crime

Understanding Transitional Relationships in Context


Presents a fascinating theory of crime as globalized social force.

Early Prevention of Adult Antisocial Behaviour

Examines the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of early prevention programmes on levels of adult...

Biosocial Criminology: New Directions in Theory and Research

Biosocial Criminology

New Directions in Theory and Research


Ideal for use, either as a second text in a standard criminology course, or for a discrete course on...