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Los seres de luz

En los planos superiores de la realidad, aquellos que la vista y el espíritu del profano no pueden...

Sacred Places of Goddess: 108 Destinations

Uncovering the past through the lens of sacred travel, this travel book includes both academic and...

Religion on Trial

Craig Parton argues that religions fail the simplest tests of admissibility for their respective...

Angel Wisdom: 365 Meditations and Insights from the Heavens

Angel Wisdom

365 Meditations and Insights from the Heavens

HarperCollins (2010)

Like a guardian angel whispering in your ear… 'Angel Wisdom' puts you in touch with the warmth,...

The Crone: Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power

The Crone

Woman of Age, Wisdom, and Power

HarperCollins (2013)

A probing account of the honored place of older women in ancient matriarchal societies restores to...

On God: An Uncommon Conversation

On God

An Uncommon Conversation

“I see God,” wrote Norman Mailer, “as a Creator, as the greatest artist. I see human beings as His...

Peacemaking and the Challenge of Violence in World Religions
Wiley (2015)

Written by top practitioner-scholars who bring a critical yet empathetic eye to the topic, this...

God and the Between
Wiley (2008)

An original work which rethinks the question of God in a constructive spirit, drawing its...

True Religion
Wiley (2008)

Through reference to plays, poetry, novels, films and painting, this manifesto traces the genealogy...

The Blackwell Companion to the Study of Religion
Wiley (2009)

This prestigious Companion offers the most comprehensive survey to date of the study of religion....