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Criminological Research: Understanding Qualitative Methods

Criminological Research

Understanding Qualitative Methods

SAGE Publications (2004)

Criminological Research offers a comprehensive guide to both the theory and practice of qualitative...

Doing Research in Cultural Studies: An Introduction to Classical and New Methodological Approaches

Doing Research in Cultural Studies

An Introduction to Classical and New Methodological Approaches

SAGE Publications (2003)

`This book is a goldmine for students…it is brilliantly conceptualized and brilliantly executed....

Doing Conversation Analysis
SAGE Publications (2007)

This Second Edition of Paul ten Have's now classic text on Doing Conversation Analysis has been...

Researching the Visual
SAGE Publications (2012)

A fully revised, up-to-date overview of a great range of visual methods data sources, including 2D,...

Qualitative Evaluation
SAGE Publications (1999)

Ian Shaw shows how evaluation practice can utilize qualitative approaches to gain an understanding...

Qualitative Research in Information Systems: A Reader
SAGE Publications (2002)

This book expertly brings together the seminal works in the field, together with editorial...

Categories in Text and Talk: A Practical Introduction to Categorization Analysis

Categories in Text and Talk

A Practical Introduction to Categorization Analysis

SAGE Publications (2000)

This is the first practical book on how to apply Harvey Sacks' membership categorization analysis ...

Qualitative Research through Case Studies
SAGE Publications (2001)

Qualitative Research Through Case Studies provides an accessible introduction to a wide range of...

The Quality of Qualitative Research
SAGE Publications (1999)

This textbook helps students and practising researchers to improve the quality of their research....

Using Foucault's Methods
SAGE Publications (1998)

`At last, a student-friendly guide that answers the question: "Yes, but how do you do Foucault?"...