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Partially Ordered Rings and Semi-Algebraic Geometry
Cambridge University Press (1979)

The purpose of this unique book is to establish purely algebraic foundations for the development of...

Surveys in Combinatorics
Cambridge University Press (1979)

All those researching into any aspect of Combinatorics and its applications will find much in these...

Affine Sets and Affine Groups
Cambridge University Press (1980)

A self-contained introduction to the theory of affine algebraic groups for mathematicians with a...

Topics in the Theory of Group Presentations
Cambridge University Press (1980)

These notes comprise an introduction to combinatorial group theory and represent an extensive...

Graphs, Codes and Designs
Cambridge University Press (1980)

This book is concerned with the relations between graphs, error-correcting codes and designs.

ZZ/2 - Homotopy Theory
Cambridge University Press (1980)

This account is a study of twofold symmetry in algebraic topology.

Recursion Theory, its Generalisations and Applications
Cambridge University Press (1980)

This book is a collection of advanced research/survey papers by eminent research workers in the...

P-adic Analysis: A Short Course on Recent Work

P-adic Analysis

A Short Course on Recent Work

Cambridge University Press (1980)

This introduction to recent work in p-adic analysis and number theory will make accessible to a...

Coding the Universe
Cambridge University Press (1982)

Axiomatic set theory is the concern of this book.

Low-Dimensional Topology
Cambridge University Press (1982)

This volume consists of the proceedings of a conference held at the University College of North...