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Finite Geometries and Designs: Proceedings of the Second Isle of Thorns Conference 1980

Finite Geometries and Designs

Proceedings of the Second Isle of Thorns Conference 1980

Cambridge University Press (1981)

This 1981 collection of 33 research papers follows from a conference on the interwoven themes of...

Commutator Calculus and Groups of Homotopy Classes
Cambridge University Press (1981)

In this work the author extends results of rational homotopy theory to a subring of the rationale.

Cambridge University Press (1981)

The articles collected here are the texts of the invited lectures given at the Eighth British...

Singularity Theory
Cambridge University Press (1981)

Professor Arnold is a prolific and versatile mathematician who has done striking work in...

Markov Processes and Related Problems of Analysis
Cambridge University Press (1982)

The theory of Markov Processes has become a powerful tool in partial differential equations and...

Ordered Permutation Groups
Cambridge University Press (1982)

As a result of the work of the nineteenth-century mathematician Arthur Cayley, algebraists and...

Journées Arithmétiques 1980

Covers all branches of number theory.

Applicable Differential Geometry
Cambridge University Press (1987)

An introduction to geometrical topics used in applied mathematics and theoretical physics.

Integrable Systems
Cambridge University Press (1981)

This book considers the theory of 'integrable' non-linear partial differential equations.

The Core Model
Cambridge University Press (1982)

This book aims to introduce the core model to those with a basic knowledge of axiomatic set theory.