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Economics for Mathematicians
Cambridge University Press (1981)

This is the expanded notes of a course intended to introduce students specializing in mathematics to...

Continuous Semigroups in Banach Algebras
Cambridge University Press (1982)

In these notes the abstract theory of analytic one-parameter semigroups in Banach algebras is...

Several Complex Variables and Complex Manifolds I
Cambridge University Press (1982)

A self-contained and relatively elementary 1982 introduction to functions of several complex...

Several Complex Variables and Complex Manifolds II
Cambridge University Press (1982)

This self-contained and relatively elementary introduction to functions of several complex variables...

Classification Problems in Ergodic Theory
Cambridge University Press (1982)

Lecturers and postgraduates in mathematics and research workers in communication engineering will...

Representation Theory: Selected Papers
Cambridge University Press (1982)

The unifying theme of this collection of papers by the very creative Russian mathematician I. M....

Stochastic Differential Equations on Manifolds
Cambridge University Press (1982)

A basic 1982 treatment of stochastic differential equations on manifolds and their solution flows...

Groups - St Andrews 1981
Cambridge University Press (1982)

This book contains selected papers from the international conference 'Groups - St Andrews 1981',...

Commutative Algebra: Durham 1981
Cambridge University Press (1983)

This 1981 book is concerned with the research conducted in the late 1970s and early 1980s in the...

Symmetric Designs: An Algebraic Approach

Symmetric Designs

An Algebraic Approach

Cambridge University Press (1983)

Symmetric designs are an important class of combinatorial structures which arose first in the...