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Surveys in Set Theory
Cambridge University Press (1983)

This book comprises five expository articles and two research papers on topics of current interest...

FPF Ring Theory: Faithful Modules and Generators of Mod-R

FPF Ring Theory

Faithful Modules and Generators of Mod-R

Cambridge University Press (1984)

This work includes all known theorems on the subject of noncommutative FPF rings.

An F-space Sampler
Cambridge University Press (1984)

This book presents a theory motivated by the spaces LP, 0 ≤ p < l.

Classgroups of Group Rings
Cambridge University Press (1984)

This book is a self-contained account of the theory of classgroups of group rings.

Representations of Rings over Skew Fields
Cambridge University Press (1985)

A study of representations of rings over skew fields.

Aspects of Topology: In Memory of Hugh Dowker 1912&#x2013;1982

Aspects of Topology

In Memory of Hugh Dowker 1912–1982

Cambridge University Press (1985)

This is a memorial volume to the distinguished Canadian-born mathematician Hugh Dowker.

Representations of General Linear Groups
Cambridge University Press (1984)

This book examines the representation theory of the general linear groups, and reveals that there is...

Low Dimensional Topology
Cambridge University Press (1985)

In this volume, which is dedicated to H. Seifert, are papers based on talks given at the Isle of...

Diophantine Equations over Function Fields
Cambridge University Press (1984)

A self-contained account of a new approach to the subject.

Varieties of Constructive Mathematics
Cambridge University Press (1987)

This is an introduction to, and survey of, the constructive approaches to pure mathematics.