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Local Fields
Cambridge University Press (1986)

This book provides a fairly elementary and self-contained introduction to local fields.

An Introduction to Twistor Theory
Cambridge University Press (1994)

This book is an introduction to twistor theory and modern geometrical approaches to space-time...

An Introduction to General Relativity
Cambridge University Press (1991)

This textbook provides an introduction to general relativity for mathematics undergraduates or...

Lectures on Stochastic Analysis: Diffusion Theory
Cambridge University Press (1987)

This book is based on a course given at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Summing and Nuclear Norms in Banach Space Theory
Cambridge University Press (1987)

This textbook is an introduction to the techniques of summing and nuclear norms.

Automorphisms of Surfaces after Nielsen and Thurston
Cambridge University Press (1988)

This book, which grew out of Steven Bleiler's lecture notes from a course given by Andrew Casson at...

Nonstandard Analysis and its Applications
Cambridge University Press (1988)

This textbook is an introduction to non-standard analysis and to its many applications.

Spacetime and Singularities: An Introduction
Cambridge University Press (1989)

This book is an elementary introduction to the geometrical methods and notions used in special and...

Undergraduate Algebraic Geometry
Cambridge University Press (1988)

This short and readable introduction to algebraic geometry will be ideal for all undergraduate...

An Introduction to Hankel Operators
Cambridge University Press (1989)

Hankel operators are of wide application in mathematics and engineering and this account of them is...