by Diana Gabaldon

Detail from the cover of the UK edition of Diana Gabaldon's Drums Of Autumn

In 1946, English nurse Claire Randal and her husband travel to the Scottish Highlands to reconnect after their time apart during the Second World War. Following a strange encounter with standing stones, she unwittingly finds herself thrust back 200 years in time to 1743. It’s in this way – among others – that author Diana Gabaldon subverts reader’s expectations of historical fiction, rendering the Outlander Series far from predictable and ever-engaging.

Now stuck in the past, practical and intelligent Claire finds herself in the midst of the violent unrest between the Scottish and the British. Her loyalties are constantly questioned and her superior medical knowledge is viewed with suspicion. To make matters worse, she begins to fall for the disarming, redheaded Scott, Jamie. Torn between the new feelings she has developed for this 18th century man, and the memory of her husband in the 20th century, Claire must navigate war and love alike to decide where her heart truly lies.

This series has enjoyed wide popularity, with adaptations produced in the form of comics, a musical and a television series. The first of these novels received the highly-regarded RITA Award for Best Romance in 1991.

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