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Propensity Score Methods and Applications

A concise, introductory text, Propensity Score Methods and Applications describes propensity score...

Multidimensional Scaling
SAGE Publications (1978)

Outlines a set of techniques that enable a researcher to discuss the "hidden structure" of large...

Reliability and Validity Assessment
SAGE Publications (1979)

This guide explains how social scientists can evaluate the reliability and validity of empirical...

Applied Regression: An Introduction
SAGE Publications (2015)

Known for its readability and clarity, this Second Edition of the best-selling Applied Regression...

Research Designs
SAGE Publications (1981)

Research Designs is a clear, compact introduction to the principles of experimental and...

Interpreting and Using Regression
SAGE Publications (1982)

Interpreting and Using Regression sets out the actual procedures researchers employ, places them in...

Confirmatory Factor Analysis: A Preface to LISREL
SAGE Publications (1983)

A statistical method that will appeal to two groups in particular - those who are currently using...

Introduction to Survey Sampling
SAGE Publications (1983)

Reviews sampling methods used in surveys: simple random sampling, systematic sampling,...

Event History and Survival Analysis: Regression for Longitudinal Event Data

Event History and Survival Analysis (2nd ed.)

Regression for Longitudinal Event Data

SAGE Publications (2014)

Social scientists are interested in events and their causes. Although event histories are ideal for...

Multiple Regression in Practice
SAGE Publications (1985)

Berry and Feldman provide a systematic treatment of many of the major problems encountered in using...