Red Rising Series

by Pierce Brown

Red Rising is a series of five bestselling science fiction novels: Red Rising, Golden Son, Morning Star, Iron Gold, Dark Age (July 2019). The series is set on the planet Mars, several hundred years from now. Humans have successfully colonized deep space. But the system created in order to do so, has a strict colour-based social hierarchy. The ruling class of the superior Golds live in luxury, while the Reds, a class of workers, toil below ground like slaves in the mines. 

The series follows the main character Darrow, a Red, as he learns the dark truth of his society's origins and how he manages to infiltrate the world of the Golds to learn their secrets, and rise up to lead a rebellion against them. 

Widely praised for the depth of its characters, plot twists and scope, Red Rising is a complex political saga of oppression and revolution, with a complete and satisfying, multilayered world, replete with its own history, culture and arts.

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