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In the 24th century, humans are in hiding from the Gbaba, an alien force intent on systematically destroying the Earth and its colonies. Nearly all are obliterated except for a terraforming team led by Pei Shan-Wei, which arrives on a new planet, one that the colonists call, Safehold...

In this post-apocalyptic era, to protect itself from detection human civilization must now suppress electronics and return to a pre-industrial way of life. After having their memories altered, they believe that their leader is divine, and adopt a strict religious code, which zealously supports the prohibition of any innovation.

800 years later, a long hidden AI military android awakens to bring technology back and restore humanity to its former glory - so beginning a Holy War.

Frequently appearing on the New York Times Best Seller lists, the Safehold Series creates a compelling alternative political and social history for human technological evolution. Off Armageddon Reef, the first book in the Safehold series by David Weber was nominated for the 2009 Arthur C. Clarke Award for best science fiction novel. Each of the series names (except for the first) were inspired by old Christian hymns. 

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