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Group Work: A Humanistic and Skills Building Approach

Group Work (2nd ed.)

A Humanistic and Skills Building Approach

SAGE Publications (2008)

Description of 29 group work practice techniques which have applicability in clinical, support, and...

Family Policies and Family Well-Being: The Role of Political Culture
SAGE Publications (1992)

Exploring the connections between family policies, individual and family well-being and political...

Social Cognition and Individual Change: Current Theory and Counseling Guidelines

Social Cognition and Individual Change

Current Theory and Counseling Guidelines

SAGE Publications (1993)

This clearly-written book provides an introduction to a cognitive-ecological approach to counselling...

Understanding and Treating Adolescent Substance Abuse
SAGE Publications (1993)

Biological, psychological and social factors are considered in this volume in its exploration of...

Task Groups in the Social Services
SAGE Publications (1995)

In light of the growing importance of and reliance on task groups in the social services, this...

New Approaches to Family Practice: Confronting Economic Stress
SAGE Publications (1996)

To what extent do economic stresses - such as dual-earner parents, unemployment//underemployment and...

What About America's Homeless Children?: Hide and Seek
SAGE Publications (1996)

The increasing and disturbing problem of homeless children in the United States is the focus of this...

Social Work in Health Care: Its Past and Future

Social Work in Health Care (2nd ed.)

Its Past and Future

SAGE Publications (2011)

This book is a comprehensive look at the US healthcare industry from its historical development to...

Understanding Disability: A Lifespan Approach
SAGE Publications (1997)

Beginning with infancy and the diagnosis of congenital or early onset disabilities, this book...

Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research
SAGE Publications (2016)

Qualitative Methods in Social Work Research provides accessible, how-to instruction for carrying...