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Good Essay Writing: A Social Sciences Guide

Good Essay Writing (5th ed.)

A Social Sciences Guide

SAGE Publications (2017)

Discover how to write winning essays and improve your grades, with this tried and tested guide to...

Doing Your Master's Dissertation: From Start to Finish
SAGE Publications (2013)

With examples from real theses, useful action plans in each chapter and a range of practical tips...

How to Read Journal Articles in the Social Sciences: A Very Practical Guide for Students

How to Read Journal Articles in the Social Sciences (2nd ed.)

A Very Practical Guide for Students

SAGE Publications (2015)

This easy to follow guide reveals a tried and tested strategy for decoding social science journal...

Mastering Academic Writing
SAGE Publications (2018)

This new academic writing guide coaches you through the trials and tribulations of transitioning to...

Writing for Academic Success
SAGE Publications (2011)

Updated, practical, comprehensive guide to academic writing online and traditionally.

Critical Reading and Writing for Postgraduates
SAGE Publications (2016)

Become skilled and confident at critical reading and writing, developing a more thorough critical...

Writing Your Thesis
SAGE Publications (2013)

Expert guidance for postgraduate and research students on how to plan, prepare and produce a thesis...

Studying and Researching with Social Media
SAGE Publications (2014)

This practical book is a one-stop shop for anyone wanting – or needing – to integrate social media...

Essential Study Skills: The Complete Guide to Success at University

Essential Study Skills (4th ed.)

The Complete Guide to Success at University

SAGE Publications (2016)

Learn how to study smarter and succeed at uni, with the definitive guide to study skills.  Packed...

Your Undergraduate Dissertation: The Essential Guide for Success

Your Undergraduate Dissertation (2nd ed.)

The Essential Guide for Success

SAGE Publications (2013)

A tried and tested guide for undergraduate students on how to write a brilliant dissertation.