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Texas A&M University Press (2012)

Perttula provides cutting-edge research from dozens of experts on the varied experience of native...


Debunking a Scientific Myth

Texas A&M University Press (2011)

Race has provided the rationale and excuse for some of the worst atrocities in human history. Yet,...

The Toyah Phase of Central Texas

Late Prehistoric Economic and Social Processes

Texas A&M University Press (2012)

In the fourteenth century, a culture arose in and around the Edwards Plateau of Central Texas that...

From the Pleistocene to the Holocene

Human Organization and Cultural Transformations in Prehistoric North America

Texas A&M University Press (2012)

The end of the Pleistocene era brought dramatic environmental changes to small bands of humans...

Texas A&M University Press (2013)

Offering a field-tested analytic method for identifying faunal remains, along with helpful...

The People of Palomas

Neandertals from the Sima de las Palomas del Cabezo Gordo, Southeastern Spain

Texas A&M University Press (2017)

The Neandertal site of the Sima de las Palomas del Cabezo Gordo, located in Murcia in southeastern...