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Earth Unaware
Tom Doherty Associates (2012)

Before Ender Wiggin was born, before the Battle School was built, the aliens brought war to Earth.

Earth Afire
Tom Doherty Associates (2013)

One hundred years before Ender's Game , the aliens arrived on Earth with fire and death. This is...

Earth Awakens
Tom Doherty Associates (2014)

The story of The First Formic War continues in Earth Awakens . Nearly 100 years before the events...

The First Formic War: (Earth Unaware, Earth Afire, Earth Awakens)

The First Formic War

(Earth Unaware, Earth Afire, Earth Awakens)

Tom Doherty Associates (2017)

This discounted ebundle includes The First Formic War Trilogy by bestselling authors Orson Scott...