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Statistics and Causality: Methods for Applied Empirical Research

Statistics and Causality

Methods for Applied Empirical Research

Wiley (2016)

A one-of-a-kind guide to identifying and dealing with modern statistical developments in causality ...

Robust Correlation: Theory and Applications

This bookpresents material on both the analysis of the classical concepts of correlation and on the...

Time Series Analysis: Nonstationary and Noninvertible Distribution Theory

Time Series Analysis (2nd ed.)

Nonstationary and Noninvertible Distribution Theory

Wiley (2017)

Reflects the developments and new directions in the field since the publication of the first...

Probability and Conditional Expectation: Fundamentals for the Empirical Sciences

Probability and Conditional Expectation

Fundamentals for the Empirical Sciences

Wiley (2017)

Probability and Conditional Expectations bridges the gap between books on probability theory and...

Theory of Probability: A critical introductory treatment

Theory of Probability

A critical introductory treatment

Wiley (2017)

First issued in translation as a two-volume work in 1975, this classic book provides the first...

Simulation and the Monte Carlo Method
Wiley (2016)

This accessible new edition explores the major topics in Monte Carlo simulation that have arisen...

A Matrix Handbook for Statisticians

A comprehensive, must-have handbook of matrix methods with a unique emphasis on statistical...

The Statistical Analysis of Time Series
Wiley (2011)

The Wiley Classics Library consists of selected books that havebecome recognized classics in their...

Linear Statistical Inference and its Applications
Wiley (2009)

"C. R. Rao would be found in almost any statistician's list of five outstanding workers in the world...

Management of Data in Clinical Trials
Wiley (2007)

A valuable new edition of the trusted, practical guide to managing data in clinical trials ...