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Developing Language and Literacy with Young Children
SAGE Publications (2007)

`In its third edition...the author has included the latest research evidence relating to children...

Drawing and Painting: Children and Visual Representation

Drawing and Painting (2nd ed.)

Children and Visual Representation

SAGE Publications (2003)

Praise for the First Edition : `This is a fascinating book that clearly demonstrates the...

Developing Learning in Early Childhood
SAGE Publications (2004)

Shows how adults can support children and actively help them develop their learning in early...

Movement and Dance in Early Childhood
SAGE Publications (2003)

In this unique and innovative book, the author draws on her depth of knowledge and practical...

Self-Esteem and Early Learning: Key People from Birth to School

Self-Esteem and Early Learning (3rd ed.)

Key People from Birth to School

SAGE Publications (2006)

Focuses on babies' and young children's feelings and learning dispositions, and illustrates how the...

Child Development and Learning 2-5 Years: Georgia's Story
SAGE Publications (1999)

`This book is a welcome contribution to the literature available for early years practitioners. The...