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The Anthropology of Texts, Persons and Publics
Cambridge University Press (2007)

A thought-provoking study of the relationship between verbal and oral texts and their role in...

King Brown Country: The betrayal of Papunya

King Brown Country

The betrayal of Papunya

Allen & Unwin (2010)

Award-winning journalist Russell Skelton presents a devastatingly revealing portrait of Papunya, a...

Fossil Legends of the First Americans
Princeton University Press (2013)

The burnt-red badlands of Montana's Hell Creek are a vast graveyard of the Cretaceous dinosaurs that...

Favorite Folktales from Around the World
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group (2014)

From Africa, Burma, and Czechoslovakia to Turkey, Vietnam, and Wales here are more than 150 of the...

100 Birds and How They Got Their Names
Algonquin Books (2001)

How did cranes come to symbolize matrimonial happiness? Why were magpies the only creatures that...

The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession

The Power of Gold

The History of an Obsession

Wiley (2005)

Incorporating myth, history and contemporary investigation, Bernstein tells the story of how human...

Physiologus: A Medieval Book of Nature Lore


A Medieval Book of Nature Lore

University of Chicago Press (2009)

One of the most popular and widely read books of the Middle Ages, Physiologus contains allegories...

Why Fairy Tales Stick: The Evolution and Relevance of a Genre

Why Fairy Tales Stick

The Evolution and Relevance of a Genre

Routledge (2006)

Explores the question of why some fairy tales ''work'' and others don't, why the fairy tale is...

Scandinavian Folk Belief and Legend
Nordic Series (No. 15)
University of Minnesota Press (1988)

An entertaining collection of hundreds of legends, stories, and magic. Perfect for reading or...

Out Of The Ordinary: Folklore and the Supernatural

Out Of The Ordinary

Folklore and the Supernatural

Utah State University Press (1995)

This contributed volume explores the functions of belief and supernatural experience within an array...