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Gentlemen, Bourgeois, and Revolutionaries: Political Change and Cultural Persistence among the Spanish Dominant Groups, 1750–1850

Gentlemen, Bourgeois, and Revolutionaries

Political Change and Cultural Persistence among the Spanish Dominant Groups, 1750–1850

Cambridge University Press (1996)

Revises the traditional interpretation of the crisis of the Spanish Old Regime as a revolution...

The Aristocracy in Twelfth-Century León and Castile
Cambridge University Press (1997)

An examination of the nature and role of the aristocracy in twelfth-century Spain.

Aristocrats in Bourgeois Italy: The Piedmontese Nobility, 1861–1930

Aristocrats in Bourgeois Italy

The Piedmontese Nobility, 1861–1930

Cambridge University Press (1998)

A full account of the Italian nobility in the period after national unification.

Redundant Masculinities?: Employment Change and White Working Class Youth

Redundant Masculinities?

Employment Change and White Working Class Youth

Wiley (2008)

Redundant Masculinities? investigates the links between the so-called 'crisis of masculinity' and...

Professionalism: The Third Logic
Wiley (2013)

Eliot Freidson has written the first systematic account of professionalism as a method of organizing...

Professionalism Reborn: Theory, Prophecy and Policy

Professionalism Reborn

Theory, Prophecy and Policy

Wiley (2013)

This book is an original interpretation of the professions and the role of the professional in...

Class in Contemporary China
Wiley (2014)

Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2015 More than three decades of economic growth have led to...

What is Slavery?
Wiley (2015)

What is slavery? It seems a simple enough question. Despite the long history of the institution and...

Power and the Professions in Britain 1700-1850
Taylor and Francis (1995)

The modern professions have a long history that predates the development of formal institutions and...

Middle Class Families
Taylor and Francis (1998)

As increased access to employment and educational opportunities brought dramatic changes to women's...