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How Designers Think

How Designers Think is based on Bryan Lawson's many observations of designers at work, interviews...

Illumination and Decoration of Flat Surfaces

Shows the effect of different light sources on a variety of lining materials and paints.

Reading Images: The Grammar of Visual Design

Reading Images (2nd ed.)

The Grammar of Visual Design

Routledge (2005)

A comprehensive account of the grammar of visual design. Draws on examples from children's drawings...

Dictionary of Architecture and Interior Design

An easy-to-use, one-stop reference guide for architectural and interior design. Part dictionary,...

Interior Design Visual Presentation: A Guide to Graphics, Models, and Presentation Techniques

Interior Design Visual Presentation (2nd ed.)

A Guide to Graphics, Models, and Presentation Techniques

Wiley (2003)

The new, updated edition of the successful book on interior design Interior Design Visual...

Myth Into Art: Poet and Painter in Classical Greece

Myth Into Art

Poet and Painter in Classical Greece


Myth into Art is a comparative study of mythological narrative in Greek poetry and the visual arts. ...

What Designers Know

Each chapter deals with a different technique from which we can best represent and make explicit the...

Design: A Very Short Introduction
OUP Oxford (2005)

This book will transform the way you think about design by showing how integral it is to our daily...

The Art of the Band T-shirt
Gallery Books (2007)

ONCE, T-shirts were just unadorned undergarments. But with the evolution of screen printing...

Interior Design Handbook of Professional Practice

Everything you need to know about the practice and business of interior design -- from McGraw-Hill...