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An Introduction to Black Holes, Information and the String Theory Revolution: The Holographic Universe
World Scientific Publishing Company (2004)

Over the last decade the physics of black holes has been revolutionized by developments that grew...

Cosmic Catastrophes: Exploding Stars, Black Holes, and Mapping the Universe

Cosmic Catastrophes (2nd ed.)

Exploding Stars, Black Holes, and Mapping the Universe

Cambridge University Press (2007)

A fully updated second edition for undergraduate students in astronomy and astrophysics.

Galaxies in the Universe: An Introduction
Cambridge University Press (2007)

Revised second edition for advanced undergraduate students in astronomy and astrophysics.

Understanding Variable Stars
Cambridge University Press (2007)

A concise introduction and overview of variable stars, for undergraduate students and experienced...

How to Use a Computerized Telescope: Volume 1: Practical Amateur Astronomy Volume 1
Cambridge University Press (2002)

The first handbook that describes how to start observing the sky with a computerized telescope.

Evolutionary Processes in Binary and Multiple Stars
Cambridge University Press (2006)

This 2006 volume discusses the statistics of binary stars; the evolution of single stars; and...

The Multiwavelength Atlas of Galaxies
Cambridge University Press (2011)

Valuable reference resource for students and researchers containing over 250 full-color images of...

The Stars of Heaven
Oxford University Press (2004)

Do a little armchair space travel, rub elbows with alien life forms, and stretch your mind to the...

Galactic Dynamics: Second Edition

Galactic Dynamics (2nd ed.)

Second Edition

Princeton University Press (2011)

Since it was first published in 1987, Galactic Dynamics has become the most widely used advanced...

A Buyer's and User's Guide to Astronomical Telescopes & Binoculars
Springer London (2007)

This exciting, upbeat new guide provides an extensive overview of binoculars and telescopes. It...