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The History of London
Andrews UK (2010)

This fascinating biography of one of the world's most famous cities was originally published in...

Thames: The Biography


The Biography

Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group (2008)

In this perfect companion to London: The Biography , Peter Ackroyd once again delves into the...

Cornwall & the Isles of Scilly Landmark Visitors Guide
Hunter Publishing (2001)

Area-by-area tours highlight in-town sights and attractions, including art galleries, museums,...

Auchinleck: The Lonely Soldier


The Lonely Soldier

Pen and Sword (2006)

Field Marshal Sir Claude Auchinleck was born in India and raised in conditions of near poverty. Yet...

A Journey Through Ruins: The Last Days of London

A Journey Through Ruins

The Last Days of London

OUP Oxford (2009)

A unique evocation of Britain at the height of the Thatcher era, viewing the transformation of the...

Cambridge Street-Names: Their Origins and Associations

Cambridge Street-Names

Their Origins and Associations

Ronald Gray, Derek Stubbings and 1 more...
Cambridge University Press (2000)

An illustrated compendium of the meanings of street-names in the city of Cambridge, first published...

Westminster Abbey
Andrews UK (2011)

Westminster Abbey has held a hugely important role in Britain's History over the last 800 years....

Haig’s Generals
Pen and Sword (2007)

An in-depth study of Douglas Haig's army commanders on the Western Front during the First World War....

The Homeland Guide to London: Post-War London Fully Described

The Homeland Guide to London

Post-War London Fully Described

Garrett County Press (2011)

Historic buildings, museums, street plans and photographs make up one of the most detailed guides of...

Making of Liverpool
Wharncliffe (2004)

Liverpool is a fabulous city, with a varied history: The Making of Liverpool highlights the...